Cali Cibrian serving at Riverside Cafe, a family restaurant in Mt. Vernon WARiverside Cafe was established by Cali Cibrian in 2010 and has been a proud member of the community ever since! It is known for it’s great food, cold beers, it’s happy atmosphere, and of course the famous fish & chips!

Cali Cibrian grew up in the small farming village of Cuaulta which is in the state of Jalisco in central Mexico where his father worked as a bricklayer. He was the eldest son with five brothers and five sisters. It was decided that Cali would forgo school and help his father in the trade to allow his siblings an education. He was able to pick up a valuable foundation in customer relations and management techniques which he has put to good use in the restaurant industry since his arrival in the United States.

It was Cali’s obligation to ensure the well being of his father and mother and his younger siblings. For one year he worked from 1pm to 2am every day as a dishwasher. Then in October 1992 he moved to Anacortes, Washington looking for better opportunities. He started from the bottom again and rose from dishwasher to cook to chef. Cali also worked at a shipyard in his spare time. He would work all day and study during the night to learn English. It was very difficult as he accomplished this on his own with only library books as a guide.

After saving $5,000 Cali and his boss opened a small 46 seat restaurant in Oak Harbor, Washington.
Six years later in 2002 Cali decided to go on his own and sold his share of the restaurant and opened his own in nearby Mount Vernon, Washington. He used the money earned to purchase a second restaurant.
Cali created a fine example of the true American dream success story. Cali’s success is simple: Offer good dependable food at reasonable prices, and treat your employees well, so they treat the customers well the same way!